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Aug, 2019

FALL BALL 2019 Registration Now Open


Registration Now Open!

Fall Ball is designed to provide a low-intensity way to “keep the rust off” over the long off-season. It is open to a limited number of players who will be league age 7-12 for the 2020 spring season (i.e. their age as of August 31st, 2020) who hope to play in either Majors or Minors (AA or AAA) next season. The program will be split into three Divisions:

Entering Minors - Developmental

This division will consist of those players who will be league age 7-9 next spring and hope to play in AA Minors next season. Typically, this means those who developed enough skill in Rookies (machine pitch) last season to advance to live (kid) pitching, but it may include others of similar skill level. This group will receive weekly professional coaching on Sunday mornings for an hour, followed by a casual one-hour scrimmage (also run by the professional coach). Due to feedback from previous seasons, this group will NOT participate in inter-league games.

Returning Minors

This division will be made up of those players who will be league age 9-11 next spring, have already played a year in Minors and are likely to play in Minors again. This will consist primarily of those players who played AA last Spring and attained the needed skills to advance to AAA next season but is also appropriate for those older players who would benefit from an extra year in Minors.


This division will consist of those players who will be league age 10-12 next spring and hope to play at the Majors level. Historically, this division has not had enough players to field distinct Entering and Returning Majors teams, so the group is typically melded into a “Mixed” Majors division.

Based upon registration numbers and coaching availability*, we hope to form teams at the Majors and Returning Minors levels to compete, at appropriate levels, on Sundays against other District teams (e.g. Dixie, San Rafael, Twin Cities, etc.).

Approximately 5-8 games will be played throughout Marin starting in early September and running through early November. No games will be played over Labor Day weekend.

An optional weekday practice may be added at the Manager’s discretion and we may add professionally coached clinics on select Saturdays.


Cost is $150 (includes hat and jersey) for each Division and registration closes on August 25th.

Registration is limited to the following numbers, after which a wait list will start. There is a very high likelihood that any such wait lists will be satisfied:

  • The first 48 players to sign up in Entering Minor - Developmental
  • The first 36 players to sign up in Returning Minors
  • The first 24 players to sign up in Majors


* The coaches/managers for the AAA/Majors teams will be volunteers from the parents of the players who register. While we have some coaches who have expressed interest, note that the ability to field teams is COMPLETELY contingent upon receiving firm commitments. Without volunteers, teams will not be formed. If this occurs, we will try to arrange a clinic/practice only option (e.g. integrated with the AA’s Sunday coaching program) or refund your registration fees.

Efforts will be made to properly match a player’s talent level to an appropriate team, however, given the limited size of the program, such a match may not always be possible. Also, unlike the regular season, where significant registration numbers provide for predictability, the form of this Fall Ball program may change depending upon the makeup of the registrants. If such changes do not satisfy your needs, we will refund your fees.


If you have any questions regarding Fall Ball, please reach out to Evan Oliver ([email protected]).

Field Status

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Pleasant Valley (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Minors Game Field (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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PV Practice Field - Center (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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PV Practice Field - Right (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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TeeBall Field (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Rancho (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Babe Silva - Majors (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Rookies Field (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Batting Cage/BlackTop (09:49 AM | 03/10/19)

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Olive (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Hamann Field (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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South Hamilton Park (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Dunphy Field (06:42 AM | 03/09/19)

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Lu Sutton (01:46 PM | 03/19/19)

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Pinheiro Field (01:46 PM | 03/19/19)

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Hill Recreation Center (11:42 AM | 03/29/19)

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Field 1 (11:42 AM | 03/29/19)