At the Rookies level, 7-8 year-olds focus on the fundamentals of throwing, catching and hitting a moving ball, while gaining an understanding of rules, base running and how to get outs. Coaches are allowed on the field during games, providing instruction before and after plays. A pitching machine, using regulation Little League baseballs, provides consistency for batters. No scores are kept during regular season games. While the competitive aspects of the sport are clearly secondary at this level, teams do compete in an end-of-season tournament to crown a division champion. Teams are formed by the Rookie Commissioner with assistance from the Rookies managers and the league’s Player Agent.

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Parents – How Well Are Your Kids Processing Feedback from Coaches?

Help them handle criticism, stay positive, and focus on the messages that matter. Read More

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Coaching Your Own Child

AJ Hinch On Coaching Your Own Child For the parents, coaches, athletes, and leaders watching (or even if you’re not!), MLB playoffs are in full swing, and we wanted to share our most popular resource from AJ Hinch, the manager of the Houston Astros, a wildly successful MLB team this year. In this video, Hinch shares…

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Starting Your Season the Right Way

 Steve Kerr on Setting Core Values As the NBA regular season ramps up, it’s time to start thinking about your own team’s future. Setting goals for the season is important, but so is establishing core values for your team. The start of the season is the perfect time to do so. In this video, Steve Kerr…

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Research Says Young Athletes Need More Than Just Practice To Succeed

However, many athletes never quite cross the 10,000 hour finish line, and have used the scapegoat reason, “I just didn’t have enough time to commit to the sport.”

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Coaching With a Purpose: Mixing Mental Lessons With Physical Ones

In just the last two decades, coaches are finally realizing the tremendous impact they can have on their win/loss record and the respect of their athletes by coaching the mental game.

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Communicate Instantly and Get Real-Time Game Updates with TeamSnap Live!

We’re thrilled today to take the wraps off an exciting new feature that will change the way you interact with TeamSnap. TeamSnap Live!

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10 Ways You’re Causing Your Child Sport-Induced Stress

Sports can be fun, but for many children, sports can be extremely stressful.

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