Novato North All-Stars

Novato North All-Stars

All-Star selection begins in May of each Spring Season. Learn more below about the process and selection criteria for Novato North All-Star teams.

All-Star Team Selection Process

Each season, four NLLN All-Star teams are named for league age 9–12-year-olds. There is one team selected for each age bracket (i.e., 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s). These teams represent NLLN in district-level tournament play that begins after the regular season, with most tournaments running through mid-July. Players under consideration for these teams are discussed amongst managers, commissioners, player agents, board president and the All-Star manager for each age bracket.

Tentative 2022 Tournament Dates

  • 9s: District Tournament - June 10 to June 17; no Sectional Tournament
  • 10/11/12s: District Tournament - June 25 to July 10; Sectional Tournament* – July 14 to July 20

 *Must win District Tournament to play

Selection Criteria

  1. Player has a positive attitude and displays good sportsmanship
  2. Player is coachable and shows a willingness to improve
  3. Player is available for practices and games during the all-star season
  4. Player is eligible by playing in at least 8 regular season games
  5. Player performance throughout the season

How a player interacts with coaches, teammates, umpires and opponents is evaluated and is a big factor during player selection. Raw talent alone will not earn a spot to represent Novato North in the short and intense All-Star season.


All-Star players are expected to fulfill the obligations associated with accepting a spot on the roster. This includes attending all practices and tournament games.  Each all-star manager will determine the practice schedule for their team

Notification Process

Selection and notification occur in late May. A league representative may reach out to discuss availability.

Parent Participation

Parent support is key to a successful season. The manager will hold a parent’s meeting once the teams are announced to set expectations, discuss practice / game schedules, and answer any questions. Each family will be asked to sign a Sport Parent Code of Conduct.

Pre-Season Prep

Getting geared up for the 2022 Spring Season? Here are a few of the best baseball books that we recommend to raise the spin rate of your mental game

Coach a Team 📣

Are you thinking about Managing or Coaching a team? It's volunteers like you that make our league possible for Novato's community

Paid Umpires

Novato Little League North provides a unique opportunity for league age 12s and older to master the art of umpiring while earning good money!

Fall Ball

Fall Ball is a low-stress and fun-filled way to "keep the rust off" between seasons. It's also great for building skills and introducing the game to newcomers